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by HENNAHUB INDIA 22 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Henna Hair Mask: There is a desire to get long hair but do not understand how to make a good hair mask, so now there is no need to worry. Good masks for hair can be made with henna.

natural henna powder for hair

Hair Care: Mehandi has been applied on hair not from today but for decades. There are generally three types of henna, one natural henna which turns hair red, the other neutral henna which does not give as good colour and is taken from a plant called senna italic and the third henna is black henna which is taken from indigo and is used to dye the hair black. Here are ways to apply natural henna on hair. Mixing these 3 things in henna helps make the hair long and thick.


Henna Hair Mask: Henna / Mehandi For Long Hair

There are many benefits of applying henna to the hair, the first of which is that it changes the look of the hair. If your hair is too dry or excessively oily, then henna can be applied as it works to balance the pH levels and oil production of the hair. Apart from this, henna can be applied to improve the health of the scalp. Applying henna helps in making the hair longer and hair growth is promoted.

Mehandi and Amla Hair Mask

Take a vessel and take a suitable amount of henna to be applied to the hair. After this, mix at least one cup of Amla powder in this henna. For this, you have to prepare powder by drying and grinding amla. After this mix both well and make a paste. After keeping it on the hair for about 10 minutes, wash the hair with shampoo. Apply this pack once in 15 days.

hair mask using henna banana egg

Henna and Egg Hair Mask

Take about 2 spoons of henna and put an egg in it. Make a paste and apply it to the hair. Wash the hair for 15 to 20 minutes to eliminate this paste. This will make your hair thick and long. Along with this, the hair will also get the necessary nutrients from the egg.

hair mask using henna egg

Mehandi and Banana Hair Mask

Mixing banana with henna can also be applied to the hair. Make this paste carefully. First of all, take henna in a vessel and put a banana in it and mix water according to the need and prepare a paste. After this, keep this paste covered for at least 7 to 8 hours. Now wash the paste after keeping it on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that you do not keep this mixture on the hair for a long time or else your hair may turn red too.

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